Formed in 1994 between Tarey P. and Smallfry,
Lunegore began as a spoken word album, and then moved
on to do background music for the film
“The Extra Terrestrial Tabloid Alien Monster”

Tarey continued experimentation with solo recordings
resulting in an extensive library of sounds,
edits and patterns that Tarey utilizes
in a “
Cut-Up” Method. Thus setting the pattern for
the future of Lunegore
Guest artists have also included:
B’eirth, Erick La Von Albretsen, David Francois Camoin
and the
Burn in Heaven project with Walter Cox.

The first full-length album was titled “Chaotic
Meditation”. This album was never released publicly
until 2008. A re-release is planned for 2014.

The Second Album 'His Name is FRANK'
Released 2006 is a blend of remixes of tracks from
"Chaotic Meditation' and a barrage of digital
soundscapes utilizing Looping Software

Lunegore cannot be defined or lumped into any type
of genre or style. Each track offers an entirely
new perspective of creation.

The patterns work into a
completely ambient mindset of serenity
that can only exist in chaos.
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