It starts as dark hypnotic noise.
Patterns begin to form, a train wreck of percussion and noise,
Just when you think you have it figured out,
a soft voice lifts you and carries you away upon
the sublime rhythm.
Gideon's Garden was formed in 1994 by Simon, Tarey P. and Melinda Dawn,
with Simon on Bass, Tarey on keyboards and percussion and Melinda Dawn on vocals.
Simon's talent for songwriting gave Gideon's Garden it's voice. Melinda's ethereal voice was
perfect for the sound of the band. Tarey's experimental noise provided a dark, deep atmosphere.

Many other musical artists recorded with Gideon's Garden, including Shannon, formerly of Piss
Christ, Anthony Snow of Puri-Do, tribal percussionist Debra Smalls, Percussionist/Cellist Llydia
Hickey, Jason Webb on dijerido and B'eirth of In Gowan Ring on Percussion.
Gideon's Garden ceased to exist in 1997.
Three demo tapes were created during their three-year stretch.
None of the albums were ever made available to the public.

Thee Art Of has worked first hand with the artists to re-master these recordings and they were
re-mastered digitally in 2015.
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