1 -   Typhon Vortex
2 -   ISH   -S.L.C., UT
3 -   Martyrdom   -Boise, ID
4 -   My So Called Friends   -Boise, ID
5 -   Lunegore   -Boise, ID
6 -   LKI   -Boise, ID
7 -   Little Sap Dungeon   -South Jordan, UT
8 -   Krispen Hartung   -Boise, ID
9 -   Fedaykin   -S.L.C., UT
10 -   Eddy Zenn   -S.L.C., UT
11 -   Circuit Surgeon   -S.L.C., UT
12 -   Boundless   -Lehi, UT
13 -    Acrid Switch   -Draper, UT
14 -   A Force of None   -S.L.C., UT
15 -    Voluptuous Brains   -Idaho Falls, ID
16 -   Apehanger   -Phoenix, AZ / S.L.C., UT

1 -    Fedaykin   -S.L.C, UT
2 -   Boundless   -Lehi, UT
3 -   The Cold War Veterans  -Boise, ID
4 -   Lunegore   -Boise, Idaho
5 -   Sunfall on Echoes   -S.L.C., UT
6 -   Eddy Zenn   -S.L.C., UT
7 -   b'eirth's Pscikadilik Psyrkuz   -S.L.C., UT / Portland, OR
8 -   Krispen Hartung   -Boise, ID
9 -   Burn in Heaven   -S.L.C., UT
10 -   Voluptuous Brains   -Idaho Falls, ID
11 -   Circuit Surgeon   -S.L.C., UT
12 -   Stabbing Children   -Boise, ID
13 -   Los Gatos de Noche   -S.L.C., UT
14 -   ISH   -S.L.C., UT
15 -   Moonage Daydream   -W.V.C., UT
16 -   A Force of None   -S.L.C., UT
17 -   Acrid Switch   -Draper, UT
Ostara is loosely based on several holidays which were celebrated around the vernal equinox
(when day and night are nearly of equal length).

states that this is because the old festival lasted several days. A rough translation would be 'The Easters'.

Ostara is one of the four lesser Wiccan sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.

Ostara is celebrated on the vernal equinox, in the Northern hemisphere around March 21 and in the Southern hemisphere around
September 23, depending upon the specific timing of the equinox. Among the Wiccan sabbats, it is preceded by Imbolc and followed by

Ostara is characterized by the rejoining of the Mother Goddess and her lover-consort-son, who spent the winter months in death. Other
variations include the young God regaining strength in his youth after being born at Yule, and the Goddess returning to her Maiden

Ostara is the virgin Goddess of spring. This concerns the deity's trip to the underworld, and their struggle to return from the Land of the
Dead to Earth. When they accomplish this return, they have a life renewed. It was considered bad luck to wear anything new before
Ostara, so the people would work through the winter in secret to make elegant clothes for the Sabbat celebration. The entire community
would gather for games, feasting, and religious rituals while showing off their clothing.

The lamb was another symbol of Ostara, and was sacred to the Virgin Goddess of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The modern belief that eggs are delivered by a rabbit known as the Easter Bunny comes from the legend of the Goddess Eostre. So
much did a lowly rabbit want to please the Goddess that he laid the sacred eggs in her honor, gaily decorated them, and humbly
presented them to her. So pleased was she that she wished all humankind to share in her joy. In honor of her wishes, the rabbit went
through the entire world and distributed these little decorated gifts of life
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About these collections.
We design all of our own artwork and completed publishing with:
Kunaki digital cd / dvd manufacturing and publishing service   .
The CDs are distributed locally out of Boise, Idaho.
Many are also sent to Oregon, Washington, & Utah. They were also available at Thee Art Of at a minimal cost.
These compilations are made to feature local, independent musicians and are strictly for exposure, not profit.
Every participant received a copy. Additional copies were sent out at a minimal participant cost,
which is basically production cost. There was no revenue generated from sales.
2008 completed the OSTARA Collections.
This is the first in many other compilations and concept albums that we would like to start producing.
1-   Skozey Fetisch   -San Francisco, CA
2-   Zodiac   -S.L.C., UT
3-   Elemental   -Orem, UT
4-   Stabbing Children   -Boise, ID
5-   Burn in Heaven   -S.L.C., UT
6-   The S1nd1cate   -Boise, ID
7-   killmesara   -Ponderay, ID
8-   Krispen Hartung   -Boise, ID
9-   Los Gatos de Noche   -S.L.C., UT
10-   Boundless   -S.L.C., UT
11-   Lunegore   -Boise, ID
12-   b'eirth's Pscikadilik Psyrkuz   -S.L.C., UT / Portland, OR
13-   The Cold War Veterans   -Boise, ID
14-   Scapegoat   -S.L.C., UT
15-   Q Stands for Q   -S.L.C., UT
The Ostara Trilogy
was published in limited
numbers that sold out
very quickly.

The collection is
currently unavailable.
Burn in
Little Sap
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