-Melinda Dawn- AKA- M. Allldawn, Aeris All, Melindawna, or All Dawn.
A multi talented individual at a very young age, she began her musical
escapades as one of the original rotating members of
In Gowan Ring. She joined
up with
Simon in 1995 and helped form the group Gideon’s Garden. Simon's Lyrics
flowed through Her hypnotic voice like aN instant symbiont.
During this time she began learning the fine art of
belly dancing, appearing in
The Meeting of the Tribes in late 96.  Her artistic drawing and writing are
excellent examples of her unique tribal style.  Her work flows out like a
natural stream of imagery with hidden faces, messages and quotes, all brought
together with a BROAD yet elegant feminine sexuality.
In 1997 she sang back-up for
Daughters of the Nile for a brief time while they
toured with
Rozz Williams. She has volunteered much of her time to the Best
Friends Animal Society, caring for less-fortunate animals. In 1998 She moved to
Portland,Oregon to learn
fire dancing/eating from some of the best in the
industry. She went on to perform with such great acts as
Pandrogynous Ad
Nauseum and Pigface, lighting up the stage with a spiral of fire.
She is currently working with bronze sculpture.
creating Myan Pliedian Hybrids.
If you would like to know more, or would like to commission/sponsor a piece,
Contact Meilinda at:

Melinda Dawn is amazing
and I love her,
her poems and
her artwork to death!
Name : Shay

Like your  shit.
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