An astoundingly unique sketch artist, has been
contributing his talents to the Utah Valley for the
past twenty years. His work has a very dark, lowbrow
appearance that suggests tortured souls and the
evils hiding in the depths of those souls. Reflecting
upon the troubles in his life, he began to write
poetry and songs.
These were later translated in 1994 with a musical
backdrop called The
Lunegore Project. The album was
called "Smallfry Speaks -AKA- Sounds for Genitorture"
and was created as an audio diary for Smallfry.  
There were only two master copies made. Thee Art of
has acquired one of these copies and has permission
has never had the opportunity to hear it.
Estimated - 2008  
The album utilizes a lot of voice processing and all
around progressive noise. His lyrics range from
comedy to tragedy, from ethereal sarcasm to
complete anger, full of honesty and human drama.
We also have these few rare sketches to share and
would love to get more.
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