Duncan Hilton founder of
'Growing Productions'
is producer and editor of the zines
'Growing' and 'Paper Toadstool'
as well as his own art publications
throughout the Salt lake Valley.
Filled with poetry, sketches, rants,
interviews and mementos.
It is fantastic work if you should
come across it.
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And sudden,
gentle black
cradles me in
I am not well,
but unconsciously
I smile!
I remember the purity
of a white mind.
Holly like a virgin
I wish for it
to be clean again.
I wish it would
return again.
Just as I wish
for the return
of this once
white paper.
Permanent sins
Like permanent ink
This paper once was  white.
I remember our smiley conversations of intellectual
'knowledge," a medium for the love of your company, my
A beautiful era passed with your voice,
and hid in my corner
compared to our friendship's perfection.
So alone,
I repeat it's greatness,
a magnitude you toss in thought, now and then
I'm sure.
I feel the craving for our flickering tongues,
and thoughts,
and our fulfilled "social stomachs" again,
as it was before.
But now I can only sit alone in the pains of the empty
stomach, and scowl at the cold walls and emptiness,
and without.
Sinking in my bed, and depression,
I repeat my last words to
you my friend;
"A lonely Bye Bye to you!"
A vibration loud
enough to feel.
My joints collapse
in echoing blurrs.
Muscles tighten in
A simultaneous
heart tells me
"I am not well."