Bob Olster-
Bob is currently working on the third revision of
The Book of Not, as well as
it’s continuation
The Book of Hing.  The previous editions of Not were made available for a very
limited time. Only one-hundred books were made available in Boise, Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake
City. The third revision will be made public.  
While going through a post production hell with
NOT. Bob has informed us that I have to admit, just
meeting Mr. Olster face to face was a delight in itself.  
I met Mr. Olster in the Basque district of Boise, Idaho, whilst he devoured a lamb sandwich. I shook
his hand as he smecked at a  lamb chunk that was falling from his thin lips. He began to rant to me
about the state of the nation, his taste in easy women and his belief in personal hygiene. He then
asked if I would please call him “Jesus”. I told him I absolutely would not! He then tried to feed me
some story about it being his legitimate middle name, although he wouldn’t show me any proof.
We then raced to Barber Park in his completely customized Scout, fully equipped with a canoe
strapped to the top. We loaded the canoe into the river and jumped in. He continued his rants. I
asked if he was influenced by William S.
Burroughs. He explained that his inspiration for writing
absolutely did not come from William S. Burroughs in any other way than in theory. I asked him
what he meant by this as I watched him pop open a bottle of champagne and pull two crystal
glasses from his side pocket. He offered me one, I declined and repeated my question. He began to
“The ‘Cut-Up Method’ utilized by many of the BEAT writers of the 1960's. including
Burroughs, as well as
Bryon Gyson and Allen Ginsberg, is a technique and a art style all of its own.
"These people may have been the innovators, but I am the one utilizing it now. Me! Bob Jesus
Olster! " He added, “The last thing I would want is for someone to buy my book because people
might say it’s like Burroughs work,  this is absolutely nothing like Burroughs!!!"  We reached the first
drop off as he was pouring another glass of champagne. The crystal glass shattered up against the
bottle and spread shards all about the bottom of the canoe. He laughed wildly and pulled the other
glass I had previously turned down and filled it. He had already drank about two thirds of the bottle
and was laying across the canoe as if it were a hammock.  He explained how learning this method
was one of the best things that could have happened to him. That he had been tortured for years
trying to understand how his ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and his everyday thoughts and
experiences could benefit him other than receiving
EST or State Aid for his schizophrenia. He
began experimenting back in 1990 with his first short stories, or what he refers to as his loosely
based fictional autobiography. These stories, he explained, were written then stored away for later
reference. It was at that time in 2003 that he began reviewing his stories and realized he had
essentially written down his life in a subconscious form. He then decided to put them in order and
send them to us. We here at T.A.O. read the manuscript cover to cover three times. At first we were
thinking it might be a novel. It most certainly is not. There is most definitely  a story, but if you are
not used to reading metaphor blended with a heap of insanity this book may be a little harder for
you to read. We loved it and published it for him immediately and commissioned him for another.
Upon reaching Julia Davis Park in downtown Boise, there were a group of policemen waiting for us
to dock. They arrested Bob on the spot for drinking on the river.  I reached the Police Station just
as he was paying his own bail and leaving. He began hitchhiking right there in front of the Police
Station. As he stuck his thumb into traffic I asked, “So your book makes reference to serial murder,
have you ever killed anyone?” He was jumping into the back of a red and white dodge pickup as he
responded,  “I have never killed anyone, except in my mind, that didn’t deserve it.” The truck drove
off with a cloud of blue smoke.
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